Looking for RP server 4/16

Alright I’m going to get straight to the point. Looking for a rp server that actually rps. No non rp names or clans allowed. Admins who actually do their job and in force the rules. Nothing kills immersion for rp than seeing a player/clan name that has numbers, xo, etc.

Check out our discord for info! BTW its PS4. I think our server might be a match for you. We do relaxed RP but don’t allow number bases and make sure members have they clan tags in the Discord, we have RP events and such. Give it a peek and see. Discord is NMrQUVb

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Tales of the Lost NEW RP Server, might want to check it out. We just started and have strict Conan Lore and RP rules. The server is Password protected and requires an approved character sheet to even get in (so no scrubs showing up and messing about)

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Guessing you probably found a server by now? If not I can recommend and also offer you a clan to join.

Always open to finding new people to game with.

Your looking for The Dark Below 18+ and our clan is called SoldiersOfFrak I hope you decide to join and play on the server and even consider our clan if you play daily! Here is server discord! Great maybe best server haha good luck! https://discord.gg/hKXKte

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