Looking for Server Moderators and Admins


I am looking for server Admins and Moderators for a brand new Server (your choice!). I will personally host this server for you as well as maintain and update it as much as I can. I am looking for a dedicated group of people who are interested in moderating this server for me, this will be your community, you do as you please with it. I will install and maintain any and everything server side and you can do all the community work.

The server is hosted in Canada with upload speeds of 100mb/s and download of 600mb/s. Feel free to request an install of any mods you want, as well as even hosting a second server if you want a little more variety.

I’m looking to grow a multi-gaming community and this is only the start of your growth within it! Join today!

Please send me a message over Discord (Maldred#1929) for further information and we can discuss further!

Hi Maldred,

I sent you a friend request on Discord (Dargaroth#8014). I’m potentially interested!
Hopefully we can chat later today!

Hey Dargaroth, I accepted the friend request. I’ve got a small staff right now. I will put you in touch with our current Moderator.