Looking for some more players for my server

Hello there first time poster / forum lurker

And well I’ve been playing Conan exiles for about three or so months now and I’ve had a private server up and open for a short time and I’ve seen maybe 2 other players on the server before they have me we been seen again…

So is there anyone who would be interested in joining a small 20 person server and well playing Conan… It’s a PvP server and there isn’t any boosted collection of exp / materials only thing that’s different from a normal server is keeping your items on death that’s all since I’ve fallen through the game world and well that mkfdes me off about losing my gear :rofl: so made that change to amend for it…

Other then that the server has weekend raiding if you really want to from 12-8pm UK times.

Also have a kinda welcome temple on noob river which was inspired by seeing someone else make one on reddit and I thought it would be a good welcome to new players…

Only rules I’d enforce are just don’t block off materials… everyone needs the basics to get started.

Otherwise I guess that’s my kinda short intro

Server name - Insignificant server, active admin & weekend raiding 12-8

Admin - Khimsince86 on here and psn

For any more Information just send me a message on here and I did get back to you asap.

Bump anyone interested or have any suggestions as to what will bring people to play and help build a community…?

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