Looking for someone

Hey guys, I doubt anyone remembers me, I created the org The Syndicate on RK2 about… 18 years ago (ugh). Anyway, we were known to be kind of salty characters. Downright jerks sometimes.

I just came back, and havent played this game in around 10 years.

Anyway, a guy I knew (Brici, might be spelled Bricci) who was an Atrox Enforcer, clan, he gave me some mats to make T3 armor. Long story short, I owe him. I never returned the favor and it’s bothered me for awhile.

This is a long shot, as it was almost 20 years ago, but does anyone know of him, or anyone who may know of him so I can track him down (IRL works). I think he was Romanian.

Brici (might be Bricci). Clan, Atrox Enforcer. RK2, around SL and into AI.


Probably quit like everyone else.

Fair enough.