Looking forward to Siptah, Bravo Funcom!

Been staring steam site over hour now and have remote connection to our server ready so we can start this madness :rofl:

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I think my F5 button’s broken…


Y’all are crazy! Take a break, it will be ready when it’s ready (Sneaks off to check steam for the 100th time in last hour) :slight_smile:


It’s defo there, but will take me 4 hours to download…

Ok… spent over 24 hours playing Siptah. I reiterate, BRAVO FUNCOM. I get it, and I get why this is not tied to the Exiled Lands. And for $20, just wow. I mean, normally the DLC just for armors and building pieces is $10… add on all the new things to do with this map for another $10, yea just can’t get better value than that.

Thanks again Funcom.

(P.S. for those reading, yes there’s bugs and things to tweak, but that’s a given for EA. There’s nothing I’ve ran into that makes this game unplayable or not enjoyable… yet).


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