Looking to get back into Conan, need a clan [PS4]

Played Conan on release for about two months as a solo player. Did pretty much everything there was to do at the time got all the bosses and all the recipes (the useful ones anyway).

Downloaded this game again recently to play with friends wanting to test it out as it’s free on psn. But none of them play anymore really, maybe one but he hardly plays.

Not interested in going solo again, so I’m looking for a clan this time around.

I don’t mind leveling up to 60 on your server, I think I can manage to get to 60 in a day or two. Less if I can borrow weapons and a +9 strength set.

I’d prefer a mature clan, so 18+, have some sort of room structure for people to have their own stashes that don’t get messed with by clanmates. I don’t mind sharing what I farm, but I prefer to have a stash with consumables, armor, weapons and tools ready to go in my own stash. I don’t know how this is usually done in CE, I’ve not been in a clan here, but I have been in a tribe\clan in Ark. It would piss me off like nothing else when I’d farm a bunch of stuff, put it in my stash to continue with whatever I’m doing the next day, only to have it be missing and me having to start over.

Sidenote, I haven’t done anything with the new taming system, this is completely new to me. I have not been experimenting too much with thralls other then workshop thralls. Combat thralls on release completely sucked, didn’t have HP regen and their HP pool was extremely low. I saw people running around with thralls following them now, which was weird.

I have three level 60s on different official servers, so maybe one of them is on your server! :slight_smile:

I’ll be online in about 3-4 hours and most of the weekend will be dedicated to CE.

my psn is micsan90.

I prefer official\non-boosted servers, but willing to give unofficial a go if it’s not overly boosted and of course no admin abuse. (even if you are the admin and I join you, that simply ruins the fun)

Tried to message you on psn but your settings wouldnt allow me to add you to a group. Anyways, we have a nice clan on Official 3740 with the main base in the highlands, a small base for a drop off point in the desert oasis near the den, and are currently building another drop off near the teleporter in the jungle. Message me Trackstar3535 if you wish to check it out.


We are a ps4 pve server that is unofficial and lightly boosted. We have a clan with very few rules but 1 that protects your stuff. Our server is almost all adults. Our admins are active but dont get into your business unless you break one of the server rules. We have 3 basic rules Dont be disrespectfull to other players Dont build where it blocks boss animals and NPCs Dont build all over the map. Other than that we dont bother you. We have a community page where we post information to the other clans on the server. If you are interested message me at jray32363 on psn. I will respond asap.