Loot bag moving bug

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type:PvP
Region: EU

Describe the bug here:
loot bags can actually be moved around with a building template, e.g. you throw 10k ironstone on the floor and it appears as a bag, you then take out a box or something to place but dont place it, just move the template around and you can actually push the loot bag around with the template. this then causes a desync between your client and other players, I tested this with a friend, on my client I can see the lootbag moving around, but my friend still sees it in the same place unmoved. however I can still pick up the lootbag from it’s new moved location, and my buddy can still pick it up from it’s orignal unmoved location.

tested by me moving a lootbag that my friend dropped to 5 foundations away from him, on my client the lootbag is now 5 foundations away from him, but he sees it as still being right in front of him, He then picks up the bag it it disappears for me and into his inventory, so on my client it looks like he managed to pick up a bag from 5 foundations away, we then ran the test again but this time after moving the bag away from him, I then pick it up, and the same result, the bag disappears for him and into my inventory, effectively looking like I just picked up the bag from 5 foundations away. I can see there being many many ways to exploit this, the most obvious being to get around encumbrance, as long as the bag doesnt despawn you can effectively farm more than your inventory can hold by dropping what you cant hold onto the floor and using a box template to push it to your base, then just pick it up when you dump the stuff you are carrying, also can help with transportation of resource as other players cant see the bag your are moving only you can, so if you say drop 30 explosives on the floor of your base as a bag then begin moving it with a template to somewhere else and someone manages to kill you on your journey, they still cant see the bag or access it and have no idea you even had 30 explosives at all, in fact on their client the bags are still sitting safely on the floor of your base and can be picked up by a teammate anytime.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. drop any item out of player inventory onto floor so it generates as a loot bag

2.Player 2 selects to place a chest/any placeable item but doesnt place it, instead they move the item template around

3.use template to push loot bag on the floor

4.Loot bag then moves around with the template

  1. player 1 will now still see lootbag in front of themselves from when they dropped the item out of their inventory, but player 2 sees the loot bag in the location he moved it to by pushing it with the item template.

  2. Both players are able to pick up the bag from the location they see it in, thus allowing the same loot bag to be picked up from two different locations depending which player is picking it up.

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