Loot pools from older bosses

Old bosses like the borrowed king, the slug in the dregs, the witch queen, the skeletal dragon, the frost giant king, the frost dragon the serpent man wizard offers no replay ability to there dungeon,
true some of these give you a reccepi or a specific furnace nearby but they don’t offer you like an unique endgame weapon or gear you can only require by defeating the bosses and creating replayability on those bosses
as most ppl just avoid them instead of killing or only doin them once in a playtrue
so it would be an idea just like in the warbringers dungeon to bind a number of unique weapons to them or
like the sobek armor that every one of those bosses drop 1 armor pice upon dead for an otherwise unoptainable set.

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Funcom devs actually discussed this in a recent stream and said they’d love to make some old dungeons more replayable, give players an incentive to revisit them. It’s a simple matter of efficient use of developer resources - making content that keeps people playing is more valuable than making content that players complete once and then ignore for the rest of their lives. So adding replayability value to old dungeons is a smart move from a game design perspective.


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