Loot Tables Seem Broken

At some point are Loot Tables going to be looked at? As it is right now for example Judge, if you’re after one certain Recipe it may take you upwords of 400 kills to get that Recipe, and with a 15 minute respawn timer…it’s possible it may take you 6,000 Minutes (4 Days) to get that Recipe farming that one boss alone, not moving standing there waiting for him to respawn…That seems very excessive and not worth the effort for most players. Single-player took me around 400 Spawns/Kills to see the Recipe I was after drop.

I understand rare and that’s usually a good thing, but this is beyond rare, it’s almost impossible for the normal player to get these Recipe’s/Black Blood Tools.

Or the Watcher Above (Harpy) The drop rate for Black Blood Tools is staggering, basically to the point the reward doesn’t seem worth the time invested.

So the question is simply that, are loot tables going to be changed/fixed? Because at the moment since Siptah Launched they seem pretty broken.


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