Looting decayed bases (yes ANOTHER ONE) -scavanger mode-

probalby the 5th time i bring this up,
just a friendly reminder that is has been almost a FULL YEAR, since you @community said you wanted the feature back, well , the same problem persist…

how to fix it… use ther same ruleset regarding decayed bases in PVE-C, copy it and paste it, (not that hard is it?)

(please stop being lazy, its been almost a year, since you guys introduced this bug,. i simply cant believe you have not found the time to fix it… its even over trello board, and a fix this simple shouldnt be a priotization problem (yes i understand PVE is not important for funcom, but for once, please do listen and simply fix it, i am sure it can be fixed in minutes. by just using the same ruleset you have over PVE-C regarding DECAYED loot and bases.
thank you have a wonderful weekend.


I personally would love to be able to loot decayed bases on PVE.

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I play on official PVE-C server which mean we can loot decayed bases and somehow I envy you guys on pure PVE servers because there are a bunch of people who does nothing but running around checking bases to see if they are about to decay.
And when they find a big base with tons of loot they build a lot of foundations outside with a bunch of chests and later use it to build more and bigger bases all around the map, heck there are people on my server with gigantic bases full of pets/thralls in many places around the map purely built from loot.

Maybe I am wrong, but if decayed bases couldn’t be looted perhaps our server wouldn’t feel like New York when you move around in the world, the server is so messed up by all the massive buildings everywhere that it lags and bugs out frequently :frowning_face:

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I promise you, it won’t matter if they obtained it through the decay system or not. Cancer is cancer. It would just be made out of sandstone instead.

what zeb said,

in our case, we use resources we collect to help good people come back… instead of loosing it all…

the good part is you can still loot things that can be placed into the hotbar, i will not say how tho.

you see this is the typical inconsistencies you find with funcom, the decision made no sense as both server are both PVE, and in both cases bases are always invulnerable…

i think they broke it , and then they tried to say it was intended… hope it get fixed asap

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You might be right, but on the other hand I heard some brag about how they have looted dozens of chest full of bricks, steel, fighter thralls, fridges full of pets etc. from just a single base.
Some of these guys don’t really play much and rarely ever go harvesting other than just looting decayed bases.
Their initial bases are fully built so they just build new structures all around the map, just because they have tons of materials.

My point is if they couldn’t loot those decayed bases then they would have to harvest for hundreds of hours to be able to build all those extra bases which maybe 1 or 2 would, but not in the scale they are doing.
Looting a dead player is fine by me on pve, but in my opinion decayed bases should just decay, I think it would improve server stability if old stuff just disappeared instead of being re-used.

That might be true, but be careful you might get what our server has become, a place where lag is the norm and buildings sometimes cannot spawn because the server glitch out, these problems can happen several times in a day and sometimes the server goes down for a significant amount of time.

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the structure is what causes lag, not the mats you cqan find in a chest. the best way to control it, is to have the cost increased by a lot, remember t1 is so easy to make and place, (and it lags the same as a t3) , that the solution has nothing to do with looting a decay base…

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This right here is why PvE can’t loot decayed structures. It’s meant to pull resources out of the game.

I play currently on PVE, there are just as many structures that server no purpose or cause lag. People spamming animals etc. I am for PVE being able to loot decayed structures and loot bodies. I’d like to see both brought back.

So that’s why the make alle these dungeons, revamp cities and caves, make cosmetic dlc etc? because pve is not important?

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Cosmetic DLC are PAID DLC, its not comming for free… (are you getting those for free?)

revamping the world is something everyone benefits from, not just PVE. No content even pvpers leave. this game has two groups of preferred people, 1 private server owners, (they can mod the game if needed) and 2. PVPers.

here is a fact…
every time we PVErs ask for something it gets ignored, it only take a few “pvpers” to complaint about something. or ask for a nerf, and funcom get all jumpy and fix it. in my world that is called preference for one group over the other. we even got promised a PVE centric EVENT , early when game was recently launched, and guess what , it never happened, PVP has gotten theirs (from which we never “profit” from… (it was a double XP , more resources gathering i think it was also double or tripled., cant recall)
we have asked (pursued ) for this FIX for almost a year, and nothing PVE never get prioritized, unless pvp complain about it.

i can start digging proof of my words. if you very much like it… just ask.

so you deny that PVPers have no influence in their decisions?

nerf this , nerf that, and nerf the other thing, and it ends up getting nerfed (Thats a clear example… is it not?)

or its maybe because you guys are more vocal… and it seems only the feedbackl from pvpers are the important ones… which is ok, but bacl to this thread is all about fixing something that affects PVE alone.

care to see how many pvp servers are there and how many pve (pure pve) ones are there? once you look into it,i think the statement of us being the vast majority will go down the drain. btw in case you dont know,. PVE-C and PVE are different type of servers. and the problem we have been pushing for a fix after almost a year only affect PVE and not PVE-c (another badly thought decision or bug that became a decision)

again what we want them to fix is something that ONLY affect pure PVE servers…

yes i would agree with the logic… if they also had PVE-C had the same ruleset.

so here it is the two types of PVE:

  1. pve : there is no pvp , and bases cannot be raided or destroyed.
  2. pve-c : pvp in a window only and bases cannot be raided or destroyed

in both cases BASES are exactly the same, you cant touch them… but in one PVE-c you are allowed to loot decayed bases and in the other you cant. (does that make any REASONABLE sense???)

in both PVE servers types where bases are not meant to be destroyed. both should be ruled by the same rule. again Looting a decayed bases (not raided but decayed) has NOTHING TO DO WITH PVP… decay is a in game system, that does not add anything into PVP. thats what i believe. and why i am still pushing it.

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That is your opinion and you have the right to feel that way :slight_smile:
My experience is quite different, I have played Conan Exiles all the way back from early access and have invested roughly 4000 hours in it.
I have played on both private and official server, PVP, PVE and PVE-C, the worst servers I have seen are those where you can loot decayed bases but not destroy buildings, kill thralls and pets, I really wish that PVE-C servers had the same loot system from decayed bases as true PVE server.
I know it won’t prevent people from building huge sandstone castles, but when people loot tons of building resources, pets in freezers and chests loaded with thralls, it often gets put to use just because they got it for free.
On a PVP server there will always be a natural balance because buildings can be destroyed, pets and thralls killed.
Everything on a server counts, even chests full of stuff and that’s why recycling is a bad idea, well at least in my experience :slight_smile:

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i got 5.237 hours in it. nad has been playing the game since day one, (yes sometimes i leave pc with conan loaded in the main screen during night time) so i am quite sure we are on par regarding the time expend and obviously the knowledge about the game.

anything that is DEPLOYED runs scripts, in chest, they are in chest, but if it tax the server i am quite sure the hit will be hardly noticeable (evne with hundreds of chests)

in my experience and based on the server i have played on, since the start, that is not the case, and what shows is you play your game different than i am, or we… our server is very helpful, polite, and with people always ready to help, or assist. we like how we play the game.

and i dont need to tell you how quickly it is to gahter mats for a huge sandstone building? you do understand that t1 lags as much as T3? and that it is quite easy to capture thralls, and to tame pets? that the only different will be a bit more time producing?
a regular pet also taxes the server in the same fashion and weight than the greater version of it?

your solution does NOT prevent anything of the mentioned issue from happening. maybe allowing people killing thralls that are not within the claimed radius? i think animals and thralls taxes way more the server than building does, building does not run a script (in most cases) except doors maybe. and they get active when someone clicks on it. thralls on the other hand needs to be running checks, such as , are enemies in range? is the building being attacked (regardless if pvp or pve, they check still exist,) am i following my master… am i running the scouting script? the decay timer, am i dancing or not. and a large etc. looting building mats, is not really that bad for the server, Based on my experience

you will find that the vast majority of people and i can tell due to the almost full year i have been pushing it, will appreciate the looting of decaying system back. or aT LEAST , make it so it is equal in both PVE and PVE-c,.maybe for consistency sake…

Hey thread!

Thank you for bringing this up. It’s still been on our radar, even though it hasn’t been mentioned specifically.

I talked it over with the CE team’s lead designer and lead coder and it was decided that we’re implementing a solution for scavenging:

  • If a building is destroyed due to abandonment (decay), the spawned lootbag shouldn’t have a player owner. and can therefore be looted by other players.
  • If the building’s been destroyed by an NPC or any other system there will still be a valid building owner (and bag owner), so players won’t be able to get at items in other people’s structures.

THANK YOU , thank you! jens!!!

any ETA?

thanks again!

i suppose , the “If a building is destroyed due to abandonment (decay), the spawned lootbag shouldn’t have a player owner. and can therefore be looted by other players.” applies when player gets nearby the decayed structure and demolish it counts as , destroyed by adandonment? (decay) , and therefore it can be looted?

Thank you! I for one am extremely happy about this. :black_heart::slight_smile::raised_hands:t2:

This is awesome. It’ll be nice to have the mechanic back.

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