Lord Atum-Keket quest bugged

When I get to Lord Atum-Keket in Pyramid of the Ancients he spams the spells youre supposed to ward against back-to-back, rather than once each at various health levels. The wards have a 10s cooldown- so he’s unbeatable

Not work so you have use gem every 25% of boss health.
I dont remember the order (is same order you drop them). You use the first at start (boss have 100% of health). When boss’s health drop at 75% you cast on your self the second gem. When boss is 50% the third one and when boss at 25% the last one.

Do you have trouble reading?
He casts constantly, not at each 25%- so you cannot counterract them

Look at the buff the boss has on his healthbar, and use the corresponding gem. Dont look at what he is casting. You need to switch gem every 25% of boss health.


I have no trubles reading but you are certainly having trouble being polite with those who try help you, take it easy!
He have only one cast and spam it, ignore the castbar you have to care about his buff!


No he spams all different ones

what he casts does not mater, look at his buff and use the gems accordingly

He casts all kinds of spells, but at each stage there is only one you need to worry about - the rest will do minimal damage.

Use the gems in the order you found them when he drops down to 100% health, 75%, 50%, and 25% health respectively.
You should not need to use any of the gems more than once.

Thank you for all the replies you lovely people- I can confirm that you can still kick his ■■■■ by casting Corruption-> Piety-> Fire-> Frost at about 100- 75- 50 and 25% health, which is the order in which you get em.
I just kept an eye on his health & ignored his crazy spell-spamming. I missed one but survived as a 43 HoX.
Thanks guys

Thank you for comfirming that a not bugged boss is not bugged.

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