Lords of War 2x PVP No Horse, Events, Active Admins!

Grand Opening tonight! 7pm cst! Launching with a loot ship event! Find our ship from the Exiled Lands before others can and fight your way to the treasures inside!

One of the first and largest PVP servers in Conan Exiles history “Tides of War” was a labor of love. We killed, pillaged, and raided to our hearts content in 4 long chapters of server history before as all things do, we walked off into the sunset. The time has come though, for the return of the Lords of War!

Lords of War Isle of Siptah Server 2x PVP Server, Raid times, No Horses, Active admins, Events and more!

Tell your friends and join us on the Isle of Siptah!

Direct Connect -
Discord - https://discord.gg/P3QXd86