Lore pedestal and armor racks

A special placeble to store lore notes. Encourage people to collect all scatered story pieces in one cosmetic pedestal or bookcase.

And again, please let us display armors. Make a placeble armor rack.


Completely agree @RWilczur. Survival horror games such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill have an excellent system in place which allows us to store and re-read books, notes and other lore related items such as photographs. Essentially our protagonist carries a Journal or Scrapbook with them at all times, and whenever we read a diary, note, memorandum, etc a duplicate of it is automatically copied to our characters Journal where it remains for the duration of the entire game.

I would really like it if we could have such a Journal or even a Tablet added to Conan Exiles which would function in a similar fashion. Essentially, every time we read an in game note it would be added to our Journal and then we could re-read it from our inventory anytime we like. Furthermore, it would be even better if it also stored the lore from the Lemurian Lorestones and Giantking Obelisks too. It would be nice to not have to re-travel to almost 100 individual lorestones, and dozens of notes and journals just to listen to/read the story again.


A bookshelf would be amazing indeed, the lovely effect could even be that it place all the note in chronological order.


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