Lore question- map changes over time

over time, the map was expanded.
I came to the game after the map was complete.
It appears that as the map expanded, the pillars of the Ghost Fence broke on the borders of the existing map border as the new areas were added.

My question is-
Is there any in-game lore, or explanation for the pillars breaking, and the Exiled lands expanding?

Thanks in advance.


I haven’t found any in-game lore that mentions the breaking of the Ghost Fence pillars. If anyone stumbles upon that, I would appreciate a pointer in the right direction so I can go read it myself :slight_smile:

My memory might be in error, but I think I may have a while back. Don’t quote me on that…it’s very possible I’m thinking of something else, but it rings a bell.

I don’t know anything about Conan lore but I do know there is a certain slab of ice on a frozen lake which seems to disappear and reappear …

I could swear I’ve run across one or two mentions of it. And I think one that mentioned getting to the fence and seeing what was on the other side, including people with bracelets, but it was still up at the time the journal was written. But that’s it. I don’t recall anything saying something related to exactly what caused the fence to fail. Only that it did.

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