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Wait… Is it a flag? I noticed a pole.

Edit: I can now see a screaming face profile into a flag. Still unsure

it is a sscreaming face in a front of a screen :slight_smile:

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I was Hoping a moderator wouldn’t answer so I could get players opinions.

sorry :frowning:

but I am a Player too


I always thought it was a very enthusiastic butterfly catcher with a butterfly catcher.


It’s a funcom employee trying to fix SWL’s code.

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It is my former team leader screaming at me for making us wipe again in AoC Tier 4 :slight_smile:

At one time I was convinced that “F#@&ing H3ll” was actually part of my character name.

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Can you all see the back of the neck I’m seeing?

So it IS a flag and not a screen?? They talk about how their flag isn’t pristine anymore.

The white is a frayed flag and in the negative space you can see the silhouette of a screaming face (supposedly charging into battle from the CEO’s description).

I can’t see a neck or a deer. It’s always been a flag and a face for me, even before I read the interviews.

I thought you might know your stuff since you moderate this place. It’s a flag.

I can see a head tilted to the left. The bottom back of a left ear on the left and a white streak going up into the hair on the right side. The white space is the neck.

Still no idea what you’re talking about. I only see a profile of a screaming face in the negative space to the left of the flag. I could pretend that the lower part of the flag is a shoulder, but that makes no sense for that pose.


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I don’t even know where to start with your description. Maybe annotate the image? Where’s the ear supposed to be, for example? Maybe that would help me locate this head?

But it’s a rather pointless exercise anyway. The company’s own CEO has explained the logo and the meaning behind it. Anything else amounts to a Rorschach test.

Then move on, guy. You have zero sense of humor and have been a pain in mine and a lot of others’ sides until we left the discord server.

Bans and flags are worth telling you this.

Haven’t flagged anything. Sorry to burst your bubble.

I didn’t say you did. I mean by anyone who does.