Losing faith and the hope

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I am going to bring this post here since I wish that all the players of the different platforms can see it more easily, first of all I want to apologize if something is not understood correctly, I do not speak English and I must use a translator.

On April 19, update 2.3 arrived on ps4, an update well received since we were waiting for a long time, also the changes proposed by the company seem very good to me.

But old errors and completely new errors arrived, there was also an error that users of official pve-c servers have been reporting for a year, as you can hardly play because the errors do not let you enjoy the game experience, users like me began to doubt the company and ask again for siptah.

Every day that passes we are more tired of waiting for answers, communication does not arrive, it seems normal to us that errors are fixed and patches are sent for it, what seems incredible to me is that the first thing that is fixed is a problem that has a minority of players and a patch to correct a single bug.

I’ll ask again why should we wait longer for it to launch without errors to consoles if we already know that funcom does not release games without errors?

Why should we continue to trust that you will give a solution to the problems that update 2.3 has brought?

Why should we trust that you want to improve communication with your players when you are not communicating with us?

Are you so afraid of losing players for speaking that you don’t realize that you are losing them because of your silence?

We all know that you cannot be liked, I myself am a person that many do not like because of my comments, I defend what I consider valid, for me Conan Exile is the best survival game in history, with one of the best communities, I have played with wonderful people, especially during the pandemic, but it breaks my heart to see how its own creator breaks the entire experience of the game.

I’m afraid to turn on my ps4, install the new patch and see more bugs, we are already tired of that.

Tired of feeling ourselves playing three third-rate players, tired of playing a game that doesn’t get fixed, tired of not being listened to.


Siptah in 364647 D. C

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Since September we wait for siptah, in the announcement that the companion has uploaded in early 2021 … Well, in early 2021 the super co-op patch has arrived, hello ??
° you don’t fix servers
° siptah does not arrive
° Out of every 1000 players 3 play co-op
° You are making us quit the game.
° We request an eta of sipath, you cannot have the players in tension waiting and waiting … And what you bring is a patch that nobody cares only 3 people.
° It seems pathetic to me that the game cannot be played, that we do not have siptah … Since in theory it was early 2021.
Now that the defenders come out.


It is not easy to defend them right now partner.

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I totally agree with everything said, add that I have a server and if I have not closed it it is because of the very good community that is being created, but the intention was to create a server at most two months to have a healthy community and then leave to siptah, and already in May without even news of an estimated date, and I am already wondering if everything is a practical joke and all you want is to laugh at us,


What I do not understand continues to act as if this is the right thing to do, @Darkzombie has another similar post in which they also talk about it being abandoned that they have us console players.

Mientras en twitter venga a poner fotos de jugadores haciendo sus construcciones y demás en siptah y abajo al lado de la Sala de máquinas los jugadores de tercera de consola tenemos que ver cómo los privilegiados disfrutan, que triste

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and that you have not seen his instagram account.

They’ve been busy. They give lots of updates on upcoming changes that consoles will eventually get so its not like you can’t find out what’s coming. Consoles just take longer to get out updates. Some bugs persist because there is a backlog and people want something sooner rather than later, so consoles get what they can, when they can.

As to Siptah release, its not on preorder yet for console which is something I can’t say for a couple games I’ve preordered that have since backed out of taking preorders… siptah will come.

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what has brought us more errors are their updates and above all they do not know how to fix them, siptah should already be here, they gave a release date when they had nothing and then they keep silent, so sorry friend.

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That seems fine to me, but enough excuses and excuses, funcom published a video where it put siptah in early 2021. Well, in May 2021 we received a co-op update … That is a tragedy. If they want us to wait for patients to give a date, because people are already tired. Of waiting and waiting. We have been around for almost 1 year now and here nobody says anything. Only updates that we don’t even care

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Funcom team, could you say something for your community? A simple date? Or are you going to keep everything in stealth regardless of the patience of the players? We are quite tired of the 1000 errors that the game brings and also we do not have the island. If you want to lose customers and not gain new customers, you are on the right track @Ignasis @Mayra @Hugo

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Hey there,

We’ve previously announced that Isle of Siptah will come to consoles once it is out of early access. It still is under early access, with the latest PC update adding new landmass to Siptah.
Once we’re approaching the final release we will announce the date.
Until then, apologies for the wait.