Losing health when I first start eating

Game mode: [ Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [US]

This has been going on for some time, but it’s finally bothered me enough to talk about it. I’ll notice that my food bubble is running a little low, and a quick glance at my health bar shows that it’s full. So, I go ahead and eat some fish strips, or a unit of shredded roast. My hunger bubble fills, and simultaneously, my health bar drops a bit and the “Regenerating” update pops up under the status bubbles. Sure enough, my health bar fills back up. Note that I haven’t kept my inventory screen open whilst eating so I can see if the actual numbers drop along with the displayed bar, but I have checked to verify that the actual health numbers are displaying full (320/320, or whatever the numbers are) before eating.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Make sure health bar is full
  2. Wait for food bubble to drop some
  3. Eat food
  4. Watch health bar drop 5-10%, then “regenerate” back up

It happens for me too, not with every food, and not every single time, I have the impression that happens the first time you eat after a while… and happens with the health bar complete or uncomplete

When you are full, your vitality gets a little bit of a boost.

So you’re not losing health, it’s just that your health bar is a little bit longer.

Next time you eat til you’re full and see the bar appear to make you lose health, go in your character screen and look. You’ll notice you didn’t lose any health, your max health just went up.


I’ll be damned. I had no idea that happened. That would explain it!

Same thing happens when you travel from a Frostbite area to a Very Cold area.
With the right equip and vitality regen you don’t loose health dring frostbite but when you change to very cold a chunk of your healthbar is empty.

I noticed how the max health goes up a little when changing from <100% sated to 100% sated.
Same seems to happen with stamina and thrist meter.

I really think its intended - I might be wrong though.

What happens is that the max value rises with the actual health not being risen at the same time.
The same happens when we respec using a yellow lotus potion: As at least I always go with 30 vitality and its only the max value rising…

Tested again carefuly, it’s not a bug, it’s fine and works properly. When you reach 100% food there’s a buf of HP, so no matter if the HP is at full or not, when eating your last bite to complete the food bar you will notice the HP ‘decrease’, but actually the number doesn’t vary, just vary the maximum HP, so that’s why you see that graphic going lower a bit.

So definetly it´s NOT A BUG :slight_smile: