Losing Items in dungeon after death

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [America]

Not sure if it is directly related to being in a dungeon or not, but tonight I died in both the Warmaker and Sunken City dungeons. Both times I was able to get back to my body and hit Loot All, however my body would show some items left on it and they could not be looted. After checking my inventory sure enough they would not get into my inventory. I was not encumbered at all on either death and lost some stuff. Not a big deal for me personally but would suck if you were limited on resources or items that you would then lose cause of this bug.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Go into a dungeon
  2. Die
  3. Go back and Loot All on corpse
  4. Be unable to grab all items.

Hello @BradMunkey, thank you for reaching out!

Has this ever happened in any other circumstances than dying in a dungeon?

Which exact items didn’t get looted? Were you not able to pick them up individually?

Could you check if they appeared in your inventory after logging out then back in?

I died ~1 week ago at the Sunken City endboss fight (where you can port out) and didnt lose anything… Had several legendaries with me.

Hugo, I haven’t died outside of the dungeons on this server yet so I’m not sure if the problem persists outside of them. I did both times immediately log out and back in in a safe spot and the result was the same. I was not able to open the body like an inventory both times as well which is why i used the triangle Loot All method. Both times it left behind about 7 items, some of which were on my hotwheel some that weren’t. On the second death I used a pick on my body to see if it would drop a loot bag and it did not. So those items just disappeared. First time I died I lost a couple random weapons from the Warmaker dungeon, Balias and Mordlun I believe, along with one of my stacks of food from my inventory and one of my Arena Keys. Afterwards in the Sunken City I lost the shield and pickaxe I had on my hotwheel and some gold coins and other random items from the chests. Not to concerned with the loss but am concerned about possibly losing better items in the future if it happens again.

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I had this issue just outside the well of skelos. Not in side the dungeon but just outside. I died and made it back and hit loot all. It showed that I had not gotten everything. Nothing I tried seemed to help. I ran out past render range. I logged out and back in. Neither helped my body and some of my loot was still there. I kept trying till the body disappeared. No loot bag dropped. But the items didn’t show in my inventory. However I got lucky. When I died again everything was with my second corpse. I had some armor that was really hard for me to get that I thought was gone forever.

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Thank you for sharing additional details, we’ve registered the issue for our team to look into.

Please don’t hesitate to share further info should it occur again.

I’ve actually had this happen when i sitting in my base, it will randomly register your character as “black boxed” (every inventory slot full) even if it’s only like 2 rows of items, and I had to log in and out to pick up items again, thankfully I didn’t lose anything but it could definitely be annoying.

Also there appears a bug where some people can see items that others cant? I’ve dropped items for people and they couldn’t see it anywhere to pick it up, but could see any other item I would drop, for example say a sword would be invisible every time I dropped it, but everything else could be picked up.

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I had a strange bug, which also many people wrote about…

A guy gave me some armor fittings, to make him the new armors. And I pressed Triangle (=Take all) and not took every piece on its own.

Well I had suddenly an “invisible” item in my inventory. One slot was blocked… I was unable to put anything at this slot.
But you could move it with “put all” or “take all” into chest or other places.

After restarting the game, the item was visible again!

So if you trade stuff with someone or pick up your death-loot, ALWAYS use “take all”. Sometimes items get invisible…

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