Losing permanent feats

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug / Save File]
Region: usa

Sometimes my character feats gets wiped, notably the permanent ones like cooking spec, brewing, ammo etc. Restoration of prior saved files does not work. Admin panel let’s me restore archivist feats by spawning scrolls but I have to relearn everything else.

Other info:

  1. Random occurrence not seemingly affected by shutting down game or letting it sleep
  2. Sometimes the console hangs trying to shut the program down
  3. Console, disc, ps4 pro
  4. Enabled setting to keep items on death
  5. Feels like a memory / Save file issue. Eg One of the save files does not get updated
  6. redeemed code for conan sword a few days ago. Unclear if related to content updates, dlc.
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I haven’t noticed it. I think there is a guide on how to reinstall the game.

Reinstall program then update with save files?

I found a few searching for “reinstall ps4” but I don’t know which one is right for you. Maybe funcom will get you an answer in the morning.


I think I’ll do this. Today I found my base in bags on the ground. Server said the stuff ‘lost stability.’

Hi @Notarym, thank you for your report. Can you share with us if reinstalling solved the issue or if the problem still persists?

Also to note, are you using Admin Panel to change your character? Few of options can have odd effects.

As for issue.
I’ve encounter this issue but not just CE, Its often closing game out and turning console off almost right away. (which often lead to blue screen or it hanging, (same when using IE browser and closing console right after) Before console can clear memory and prep for shutdown.

Sony support basiclly had me rebuild database. And advised me to slow down abit after closing apps out.

I havnt had save issue like yours cause of it, but mostly I log back in and find game crashes after 1min, (when auto save kicks in, and can’t save over corrupted file)

Look up rebuilding database. (its fairly easy to do)

If that isnt working, reinstalling is next step.

If back up saves are also doing it, it may be something kinda stuck with save file now.

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