Losing Scrap After Battles (Again)

hey so, i made this thread back in December when i played the game on xbox game pass. i was using an xbox one s, which died about a month or so afterward (just started slowing down to a point where it was unusable, taking an hour+ to start up. i don’t think it was related). i still wanted to finish the game tho, so i bought it on PS4. and right after the first battle, i saw my scrap start ticking down. it could be that i’m just extremely unlucky, but i’ve seen stories of bugs being caused by some pretty weird stuff so i thought maybe the fact that it happened on two different consoles in the same house could be useful. i also have a bad habit of sitting on the main menu for a while (usually half an hour to an hour) before i start games. those are really the only two similar variables that i can think of between the two tho so maybe i really do just have bad luck :sweat_smile:

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