Losing Scrap After Battles

Hey y’all. I’ve been having an issue where any time a battle ends, i’ll lose a seemingly random amount of scrap (usually between 3-10 pieces). it doesn’t happen when i ambush a straggler and finish in one turn, but any other battles will cause it to trigger.

  • I’m playing on normal difficulty, so I originally thought it might correspond with how much health i’m regaining after battles, but i cleared Cave of Fear without getting hit and i still lost 3 scrap. Haven’t been able to finish a battle without reloading guns so i couldn’t check that.

  • it’s not a set amount per battle, if i reload a save and do the battle again, a different amount will be subtracted the next time.

  • i’ve also tried leaving the area and re-entering after loading the save, as well as restarting the console, etc.

  • I only started noticing the problem during the battle on the High Road, but it’s possible i just missed it before. if i remember correctly, i killed a couple of the stragglers by the tunnel entrance before doubling back and clearing the Fallen Angel. (also made a trip or two back to the Ark somewhere in there.) when i came back to finish the tunnel entrance fight is when i first noticed it.

  • sometimes it’ll actually show the number tick down in the top right, can’t be sure if it does it every time because it’s very fast and easy to miss.

those are all the variables i can think of right now. normally i’m not the type to mention stuff like this, but it seems like it could become a big enough problem on higher difficulties that i thought i should bring it up. if you need any more info (or screenshots/video), i’ll be glad to help. i’m really loving the game so far and i look forward to seeing the rest of it!

Yeah there isn’t actually a mechanic in the game that drains scrap As far as I know, so I think you really may just have a cursed save file.

Is it possible for you to run through the starting zones on a new save to see if you can reproduce this outside of the original save file?

this is a good point, i’ll definitely try this out. one thing I did forget to mention is that i turned the xbox off with the game running and resumed without relaunching, i’ve heard that’s a pretty common culprit… i try not to do it any more but occasionally i forget

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Yeah and not to belittle the issue itself or anything but scrap is In my opinion over multiple runs and speedruns borderline worthless in this game, unless you’re saving up unreasonable levels of it to buy the maxed out GJR-666 gun and the two other items near the end.

yeah, especially on Normal, it doesn’t seem like much of a problem at all. i was more concerned it would become an issue on Very Hard where medkits are a lot more precious

Honestly I think a lot of people scare themselves with Very Hard but it’s possible to beat the game with near to no medkits used, in fact I just beat Vhard iron mutant last night off stream with only 2 instances of damage ever being taken. The only use i ever have for scrap in my speedruns is to buy a hand grenade early to deal with the fallen angel fight quick (3 grenades will leave only the robot and Husse after one turn) and a pipe gun so I can stealth shotgun.

that’s unbelievably impressive. i usually bounce off X-Com style games so i’m still fairly rough around the edges, but this one has really pulled me in. honestly this is something i could see myself speedrunning at some point. seems like it’d be less about movement tech and more about positioning and character building

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So far the two speedruns I’ve done have been more routing dependent than anything else, though that’s likely because it’s in the super early days and I could totally save time with better positioning for fights and whatnot. I think with the route I currenly have set up we take less than 20 fights and the vast majority of those are abmush one turn kills.
Though we do skip entire areas like the area before you save Hammond and the entire forbidden city.

But yeah you’re more or less right, going forward unless some crazy skips are found a lot of it is going to be optimization of positioning and slight movement tweaks (but not tech). If you do end up being interested in it feel free to hit me up on here, discord, twitch or Speedrun.com when they finally accept the game.

so, i started a new save file and it’s still happening which is… pretty odd right? (and yeah i totally might! we’ll see after i finish it how i feel lol)

Yeah, the fact that you can reproduce it means it’s not just a random one off bug too I guess. We might just have to wait for a Dev/Community manager response on this but from what I’ve seen they’re pretty diligent on fixing things so fingers crossed!

tried one more thing, uninstalled and reinstalled… no dice. guess i’ll wait on the devs! lol

Well hopefully they see this soon, I did see Behemoth in another thread earlier.

I’ve noticed this as well. It’s a minor problem but annoying none the less. I’m also on xbox.

gonna bump this once now that the holidays are over. hope everyone had a good break, and i’m excited to jump back into the game!

Just bought the game, and I’m losing scrap after every battle.
So consider this issue bumped.

In the future, please do not threads that are several months old. I’ll allow it for now, since this issue is still ongoing, but it would have been better for us if you made a new thread and linked to this one instead :slight_smile:

I will relay this information back to the team. If everyone could let me know which platform they’re playing on that would be great, so we can narrow the issue down further.

PC - Windows 10 Pro.

I think I’m seeing a pattern now. The scrap lost seems to equal the amount of missing ammo at the end of a fight. Reloading my weapon reduces the amount of scrap I lose - it doesn’t matter how many shots I use, only how many I am missing at the end of a fight.


Thanks! I’ll relay the information to the developers.