Loss of Thralls

Had to remove all of our mods from our server to get it stable. We put pippi and emberlight back on. We had BetterThralls and several other mods. We log back in an we have NO placed thralls. We have all of our crafting thralls. Anyone else have this happen? This has happened to us 2 times.

Was one of the removed mods IQOL?

No, I dont think so. what does IQOL stand for?

Improved Quality of Life.

nope, dont have that one. Have Thrall Side kick, Better Thralls

Did you have any mods that edit the appearance of your thralls (height, body, etc)?

For interest sake, once you had updated and removed all the mods to start the game and then verified that the game was stable, did you then restore from a pre-update backup and then reinstall all the mods and check again?

The reason I ask is that, if you remove the mods and log onto the server, anything and everything that was placed via one of the removed mods will disappear. When you add the mods back, without having restored from the backup before the game update, the items will not come back. This is because the game will have registered the changes to the last time you exited the game.

If you restore your game-db file and then make sure all the mods that you know are working are installed, and then go back in, thralls and anything else from those mods should be back where you left them.

But, if you do not have a backup from before the update or when you last went onto the server, then, unfortunately, I think you will have to place them down again. :neutral_face:

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Yes we loaded the last file saved from before the update.

So, you restored the backup from before the patch. Then added all the mods you had before the Update/Expansion back to the server (once the mods had all been updated to work with Siptah). Once you had all the mods loaded, then you logged in and some thralls had disappeared?

Were those thralls from the core game or from any mod? If from the core game, then those thralls could have been removed by Funcom - they do that occasionally (removing and adding new thralls). If the thralls were from any mod then obviously you will have checked with the Modder?

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