Lost 60+ hours of progression. And half a house

Game mode: offline/co-op
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [Norway

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So i have had multiple bugs on this game, but nothing too serious. Worst one i have had is losing 2-3 hours of mining, but nothing more. Until i lost about half my house including all pets and chest. Looking at about 60+hours. Getting really tired of these bugs. They need to come with a 100gb uptade and fix everything.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.open game
2.play game for 60+ hours
3.loose all important stuff

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Did your save game disappear?

Just logging in to discover half my house missing again with the whole of yesterdays work gone.

Looks like every time i log in it has forgotten i even played for 6 hours earlier and just resets me back to before that

All knwoledge points are gone on grit, where did they go off to?

@Ignasi is there a manual save function for ps4 offline coop version

As far as i know it saves every now and then, but after all the bugs and glitches i’ve become paranoid and just update my spawnpoint and just wait a few minutes before i log out

Ok I play mainly online didn’t know if there was a way to force a save. Hope you get this figured out. Had a few OMG mistakes on my server know how it feels

There is no manual save. The game saves constantly into the database. If that’s not the case there might be an issue with that process. Are you using a PS4 Pro console?

I am borh using a ps4 pro and a ps4 slim, both of which i have had problems with. But the ps4 slim is the one that i have been experiencing the save problems with.

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Just another question: is your hard drive full or does it have plenty of free space available?

According to the ps4 slim it has about 130GB of storage left.

When this happened, do you remember if your PS4 was updating any games in the background?

I don’t think There was no updating in the background, but i think there was a conan update a couple of minutes after i closed the game, before i opened to find out what had happened

Yet again, I experience a bug similar to this. I lay down a rawhide bedroll update my spawnpoint, die don’t spawn at my spawnpoint. Instead i spawn at my bed with half my stuff still on me except what i went out for, go back to where i died, nothing there anymore. Not even a tomb sign. Certain items from the work stations and my chests are gone as well.

And here we go again, lost three big chests full of armor, weapons, metal and my f bed. As well as walls. Im am getting pretty done with this game. image image image

Could you try to send us your savegame so our QA can determine what could be the cause for this issue?

Certainly, but i’m not sure how to do so. I have also continued to play on the same save and i haven’t had any problems yet, lag seems to not happen as much in the northern regions. Around the swampjungle there is considerably more lag and problems. But if you could tell me how to send the save file that would be appreciated

You can plug in a USB stick on your PS4, navigate to Settings-> Application Saved Data Management and copy your Conan Exiles savefile to the USB stick. Then plug it in your computer, compress it (we recommend 7-Zip although any compression format would reduce its size significantly), upload it to an online file storage page and send it to our staff via DM.

I will try to do that when i have time.