Lost a customer with this Update

I am a PVE player on a RP server. I bought the game this past March by suggestion of a friend and have since logged 300+ hours (thanks pandemic) and picked up several DLC. The reason why I’m leaving this game is because of the updates to archery. I’m firmly in the camp that if the thought was that Archery was too powerful or the the thralls were too powerful, then player damage and melee should have been increased.

The server I am on does not clan, as it is a small solo RP. This update makes the style of play I enjoy, sniping from archery, not viable. NPCs don’t path correctly already and if they can’t figure out how to get me, I now need to adjust where I am so they don’t instantly heal my next shot. Whether an NPC has just spawned in in the distance or it just can’t figure out stairs (which is most) should not matter.

I’m sure someone will reply here trying to “educate” me on why these changes are necessary so again I’d like to reiterate my main points. 1) the game no longer supports the play style I enjoy and 2) I believe that if you thought Archery was too strong you should’ve raised other weapons up to its damage level.

Since I only have interest in soloing this game, soloing the dungeons and their end bosses took forever as a solo before this change. These changes should have been server options and not a mandate across the entire game.


Hey @angry_rabbit

We’re sorry to hear about your departure and hope you the best of luck in your future gaming endeavors.
Archery received a big change on this last update, but the game is likely to keep receiving balancing changes in the future, especially in the next update which will be focused on re-balancing changes to many systems of the game.
Regarding this thread, we’ll proceed to close it as per our community guidelines:

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