Lost a Lvl3 Set Alter with Archpriest with 500+ manifestations

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Americas #1521 (Official)

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A level 3 alter of Set with and archpriest and 500+ manifiestations, gone… None of the foundations it was on are gone, none of the foundations it was on are decayed…(Went away before 2019.03.03 - 22:22:17…is when the Loot bag aged out…but nowhere in the log does it show my alter going away…

But there is a lot of wonky stuff in there about ceilings and stuff decaying yet by repair hammer shows nothing.

I lost an arch priest of Set…The alter and manifestations can be remade (And I have a bunch of times because the alter moves when upgrading from Lv1&Lvl2 to Lvl3)

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1.Log in
2.Get hearts to put on my alter
3.Go to alter and see it is missing
4.Look though event log

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