Lost all my thralls to Decay

Edit Edit. Sad news. Zero Thralls left on my Official PC…

Edit. Because facts matter. Server is indeed set to Thrall decay of 1 day.
I have 6 Thralls left. These Thralls were placed up North by the East side of the Great Dam

So here I am, logging onto official PVE-c server on my Ps4 pro.
I check to see how much decay time I have left.
175 hours still. Then I notice. My horse. Gone.
Check log. All red.
All of my Thralls have “decayed because the owner was offline for a long time”
I cant even begin to imagine how much materials I have lost.
When is the PS4 console version going to be fixed???

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It is a problem with all formats seems Pc players found it first. Some how thrall decay got set to one day. No response from Funcom yet. It is regional.

same here - 1977 -LATAM

Great. So now I have to check all my platforms.
Ill keep ya updated Exiles…

All my Platforms effected. Poof. All gone…

Funcom did really bad this time. And its the weekend. Wont get fixed anytime soon.

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