Lost all of my food after server restart 😢

I wonder if this has already happened to you before :man_facepalming:.
I lost all of my food. Hundreds of buffs fish, religious food, spiced food, raw meat of different kinds, ingredients, Thrall leveling special food, and more :scream_cat:!
This is the only information I was able to gather (shown in that video):

  • 2:55 log shows that 3 large chests (filled with alcohol and ingredients) and 8 large improved preservation boxes are gone after a server restart.
  • 1:14 is the room of solid Stormglass foundations where they were placed before server restarted. They were directly over the floor, each chest and preservation box.
  • 1:50 the free spot in front of the giant shows were an 8x8 floor (maybe bigger than that) of solid Stormglass was built, where the chests and preservation boxes were placed for about a week, before moving them inside the building (by the way, there is one chest there, with water glasses, no idea how it survived and why it was sitting outside, the floor where it was was a couple of yards away from where it was).

By the way, I have moved stations and placebles many times around that room, and I believe nothing has been lost before.

My thoughts:

  • Before the server restarted:

    1. All chests and preservation boxes were moved safely inside of the building.
    2. The 8x8 floor where those chests and preservation boxes were was demolished.
  • After the server restarted:

    1. Because of some error, all chests and preservation boxes returned to their previous location (but the floor had been demolished!).
    2. Decay time did its thing and sent all chests and preservation boxes to Oblivion.
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