Lost Connection. Constantly

Game mode: PVE
Problem: Game loads, see character than “LOST CONNECTION”
Region: US PVE#3530

15 times in a row now.

I logged out in a very large base of mine. I have had problems connecting before in the base but not like this. I assume it has something to do with the patch as it has never been this bad.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Try to login
  2. Lose connection

same here. even when I am in desert no inventory. about 3 minutes then kicked. spawn in under map, then it loads.

4 different servers.
my internet is running well for everything else wifi.

Still doesn’t load. Same issue as the original message. Is there a max base size or something now? I played 8 hours today building a new base without issue. As soon as I logged out in one of the big bases I can’t get back on. (I was crafting steel). My main worry is decay timers on my other bases, if I can’t log in I can’t reset them.

Hello @CDUBFIVE and @biggcane55.

There are no enforced limits on base sizes, although it’s advisable to keep them within reasonable limits as far as placeables and light sources are concerned.

Are you connected via wireless or cable?
We’d suggest using a cable connecting to ensure a higher transfer rate and stability.

Hard wired connection. Less bluescreens after update and patch but now this?

Can’t even log into game. And several times when exiting the game to main menu will now bluescreen.

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