Lost connection to server, Lost everything

On 09/03/2023, lost connection on official server 1513 and lost 4 days worth of hard farming. I had map room, leveled npc’s, multiple crafting stations, legendary’s. Days worth of hard farming gone in seconds. If this is because of the decay problem, you now have created another issue for those of us that just started playing. Please advise!!!

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I just came back to the game. Was sorting piles of loot, sure that the team will find a way to rollback only those affected. But instead they just erased everything. Thralls captured, legendaries earned. And now I gotta sort my loot again.

They do everything 0 effort style: rollback - easiest form of rollback. When they did the server merges they didn’t even bother to allow people to get more in their inventory. 0 effort but big bucks for store/dlcs etc.

There is also no compensation for this.

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You will most likely get another harvest/xp event. If you have just started, you will catch up in no time.

The rollback was 2 days, not 4. So you are just factually wrong.

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