Lost everything I had because of a year old bug

I failed to grab onto a wall and fell to my death. My body was invisible. I tried leaving and coming back, reloading, and searched for two hours. Everything I had (steel weapons, heavy elephant skin armor, sandstorm mask…ect) is gone. I’ve put in about 35 hours getting this and this year old bug ruined the game for me…

Can you fix this bug?
Also… I’m on EU 3004, name is FindingChicken. Can someone come on as an administrator and spawn my armor and weapons back for me… At this point im not going to do that grind again. This is just so frustrating.

I’m very sorry for this issue having occurred. The devs are looking into the matter, and hopefully we’ll see a fix in a future update. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to provide any in-game support, so it is not possible to provide your missing items.

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