Lost everything on server reset / crash!

Hi there, I am having an issue where the server either crashed or reset and when it came back online i lost “all” my work benches, lights and signs. I checked the event log and it says all those items lost stability. Those items have been there for 2 days and now its gone?

Its on server: Offical server #1823 PvE Conflict - g -portal.us
Revision (#147178/22189)

Any helpful feed back would be great.

happened the same to me in the same server, i didn’t loged in about 5 days and main base wasn’t there when i came back, the other 2 were fine so i guess somebody demolished it… could it be otherwise?

So it happened AGAIN this morning. This time all the improved tables and thralls are gone. FFS

.) Do you know the thing called Decay timer?
.) What does the event-log say?
.) How did you build your things? Inside a building or just at the gras?

PS.: Use a repair hammer to check the decay timer.

I placed it on platforms within a fort. i built a small village and in certain huts / building would be the professions. Someone in-game came to my place and looked at the stability of the place itself. its all 80 - 100 stability, so the place is sound. Even he was stumped.

The event log said with each name of the items lost in red “lost stability”.

ok, then it is strange… In which coordinates did you build? Maybe the area is bugged?

K6 on the river.

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