Lost Exiles [NO/ENG] PVP

A Norwegian PVP server with simple rules. Don’t build so you block paths or spawns, and don’t be a dick. Have fun :slight_smile:

Please undress your dancers for everybodys convenience. If you live up north, make sure they stand by a fireplace. We are not barbarians!
No wait, we are…

Admin places chests with special loot in different places, and please let us know if they are placed where you want to build your base. Admin name: Venuvar. If he is not on, shout out to anybody online that he should be.

Damage to buildings: On
XP rate: 1.0
XP time: 1.0
XP player kill: 1.5
XP harvest: 1.5
XP craft: 1.5
Harvest Multiplier: 2.0
Gods: Yes
Purge: Mon-fri 1800-2200 Sat-sun 1200-2200 (Min online players 2)