Lost items due to client crashes

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I was moving my items from a vault to my main base that I had recently looted from a decayed castle on an official server. PvE-C #2731.

It black screened on me. I logged on repeatedly to try to get back to my body and every time I would get to play for about 15 seconds and would disconnect me again. I tried to remove bracelet to go to my other base and it did the same thing. Can you look at the logs and return all the items I have lost. It was a ton of t4 thralls and legendary items. This makes me very upset.

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Upgraded my religious altar,when it finished the whole thing disappeared

FC policy is that you will not get anything back. What is gone will stay gone. It is harsh to lose things when it is not your own fault, but to speak out about it will probably get you a temporary ban. I know it sucks, but there is nothing you can do/say. Not on the FC forum anyway.

I would recommend telling your story here, https://www.facebook.com/groups/199939153807183/?ref=share . Facebook group with almost 9k members. Not controlled by FC.

Hi @PvPedMyPants, welcome to the forums, unfortunately, we’re unable to provide any refunds of materials or equipment lost, as there is no MMO-like admin support for the game in official servers.

We’re also working on another patch that will improve stability for consoles specifically, which should prevent this type of situation to occur.