Lost stats after logging back from crash

I had serious problema with that
Every time cry flame crashed my game—I saw myself o ppl just cast cry flame and at the animation that carácter luanch to the sky I crash,randomly—when I log back to the game I lost all the stats bonus from my equipment,my basic once do 4900 damage do 2000damage,my elite once 12.8 s cooldown have 20s full cooldown.I need to relog to get myself rid of this stupid bug,but…
What happen if I relog when I was in a dungeon?
Even worse,I get deserter and get teleported into a empty NYR raid instance,then the system said they think I should not into this instance,guess what happened?
The system forced me teleported again into NYR
I need to be enough fast to react to use anima warp to Agartha otherwise I get ever trapped…
Can we fix this problema?I mean,the crash-lost stats bug.
I dont mind some random crash but if you crash you either cant do nothing o get deserter in a dungeon is really anoying and game breaking to me though.

Did you try re-equipping your items ?
Sounds like the game did not register your stats at log out since it was a hard crash, so taking all of your items off and equipping them back should fix that.

I tried,and not working
It requires me to relog
But when you in a dungeon you relog you get kicked and deserter