Lost thrall inside of tree trunk

Game mode: [Online Official Server]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PVP]
Region: [East Coast]

Thrall was teleporting all over the place in my elevated tree base (as they normally do). Well it seems as though he teleported inside the trunk of the tree and I got sick of looking for him so I grabbed another thrall. His last guard spot was set to just outside of the tree trunk, on a foundation. I can’t get his menu open or his inventory, nor the foundation or anything that he is standing on inside of the tree.

I have tried attacking thralls near, gassing it, shooting it (which I am able to do in first person), hitting a clan mate, and the first person dagger jazz to view him. Nothing that I have tried to get him out has either moved him (only turned him) or destroyed the foundation under him. I believe the reason I can’t break the stuff under him or grab him is due to the recent undermesh changes to prevent people from interacting with stuff in the mesh. if there is a way for me to get him out without cheating or undermeshing, whatever, I am all ears.

To be fully clear, it has been a week and a half or so and he still has not wandered back. I am certain the server has reset and still nothing.

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