Lost Thralls after only two days offline

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[For the second time in two weeks I noticed that my Thralls were disappearing.
The first time was last week, here I was only able to play online again after 4 days.
Here I lost Alchemists, Blacksmiths, Priests, Tanners and Taskmasters.

So yesterday I logged in again after only two days. But this time too, Alchemists, Taskmasters and Carpenters were gone. This is very annoying because I lost the witch doctor this time.

I have logged out of these bases, so it cannot be because I have visited this base in the last three days.

First I put all of my Thralls in a box.

Now the question is how often do I have to be online without this repeating itself?

P.S For health reasons, it is not possible for me to be online every day.]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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You should not be loosing bench thralls unless what they are in decays you sure someone is not stealing them check event log.

That’s what I thought at the beginning. But you can only get to the Alchemists if you can go through walls or you can open the doors of others base.

Especially because the inventory of the Improved Firebowl was empty, as well as the non-locking cupboards. But I don’t see how. In addition, there are definitely other more valuable things in my base.

I’m very sorry, but it’s all settled. Another player just stole from me.

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