Lost Torch "In the Dusty Dark"

I’m working on “In the Dusty Dark” at 5/5. Lost looking for a spoiler or quest help to be up front. I maked it over the bottomless pit and in to the tunnel picked up and lit the torch. Went in tunnel and Mummies killed me. Back to anima well to start over but this time the torch at the entrance of the tunnel is visible but not selectable. How do I get a torch to see in the dark tunnel? Is this a bug or do I have to start all over? Thanks for any help.

It’s a bug, it will be fixed. Basically it drops the torch where you died and since the torch is still in existence it doesn’t spawn a new one, since there is no new one spawned you can’t pick it up.

So there is no way to do this without leaving a reseting?

I think after a few resets the debuff preventing you to use the minimg helmet breaks but realistically yes. Getting out of the instance and into it again is the only way. Luckly the dusty dark instance has a couple savepoints where it updates you progress so you don’t have to run the whole thing every time.

You may be able to force your way through with an AOE like the sword or hammer, where the effect will light up the walls briefly (I had to do this last night), but if you haven’t run the mission before to have a general sense of what to do next it would be extremely difficult.

I have a problem with the torch in the Dusty Dark, but not the same …
I pick up the torch, at the begnning but can’t use the brazier to borrow some of its flame, nothing happen.
Any idea ? I’m desperate :slight_smile:

I’m sorry to hear that you’re unable to pick the torch back up “In the Dusty Dark”. We are aware of the issue and hope to have this fixed in a future update.

Sometimes you can solve this by simply leaving the instance for 1 minute. This particular instance will reset after that time. In the cases where the problem remains after an instance reset, then you will need help from a GM. Please submit a petition to let us know that you can’t pick up a torch in the Dusty Dark.

If you require help from a GM, then you will need to be online for this particular solution.

I had the same issue. Not sure if you did the quests in Blue Mountain where u are given a construction helmet with a lamp, and at the end of this series receive a permanent one to add to wardrobe or not? That’s how I overcame the issue of the torch: just opened up my wardrobe and wore the helmet with light. Added it to my F1 and lit it up… had no need of torch after that. Not sure if that will help or not… Good Luck.

The headlamp will work for most dark areas in the game, but it’s actually disabled for “In the Dusty Dark”. You will get a message saying that you can’t equip it in the area. The mission is designed in a way that you must use the torch.

Same happened to me. It’s a bug, a new one. It used to work correctly.

I had the torch bug again tonight. Restarted game and got me a new torch but my Scarab kill count reset (I was at 98/100 and got killed when trying to grab #99). A GM told me they could restore the torch without the instance resetting and player losing achievement progress. So, if you are just running the mission go ahead and restart but if you would like to complete an achievement do /petition.

EDIT: I might add that if it was just an achievement that gave you a sense of accomplishment and few points somewhere it would not hurt so much but since you need this achievement for completing one of the Egypt wings in the museum it is really frustrating.

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