Lost total nudity and cant farm wood

Since last patch I lost total nudity can only choose parcial or none and cant farm wood from the trees, everytime I hit a tree with my pickaxe I only get bark NO WOOD?

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They are checking into the nudity issues. All trees should give resin now expirament with some different tools. Some one posted what works best yesterday @william1

Thks for the tip il try with diferent tools, wood is important specially at first stages of the game.

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Definitely. I haven’t had much time to play since the update.

Hey william1,

Regarding nudity, see the reply below:


This thread reminds me of this: :laughing:


Pick image or pickaxe image ?

If you’re using pickaxe, you should definitely get wood!

(Yes, @Glurin, I did that on purpose :stuck_out_tongue:)


A few of the dancers will too.

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So, just to recap, no nudity and no wood. Makes sense.

Yes, I’m 12.


The dancers give wood? :rofl:

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