Lots and lots of "Out of Memory"


Back in the game and i don’t understand why i spend my time to come back on desktop with Pop-up : “Out of Memory”.

What can i do ? i’m surprise from this bug.

Best regards and thanks for your help

My computer :
Intel Core i7-8700K
RAM : 16 Go
Virtual disk is good too
Windows 10 Family 64bits

Does this happen only after longer gaming sessions?

Unfortunately no, this can occur after ten minutes or after thirty / forty.

If it was after 2-3 hours, it would “be fine” but for such short sessions, it’s very annoying: s because the game is great and I can’t explain myself having these “out” of memory "while I have a computer which is more than correct: s

Could this memory management problem come from the fact that SWL is a game with a 32bits client?

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“MemoryManager.cpp (640)” again after 14 minutes :’(

That’s part of the problem, yes.

Instead of stating the obvious, you might want to offer a solution instead :wink:

Your contribution is valued.

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