Lots of bugs and issues

Animals tend to fall threw the floor

For the campfire you need to put the wood and meat and then press left trigger(on Xbox) over the wood to get it started.

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Although there are indeed some bugs here and there, I agree with Aeorath, most of the things you listed is not a bug at all, its just a “what the game shoud be” in your vision. Ill give exemples:

Lock on is not a “confirmed hit feature”, its a tool to help people face the enemy, not less not more. If you are missing attacks, its your problem, not lock on.

I think the opposite, enemies are slow, most of them at least, you can see their attack animatios from a mile and not even need to dodge to avoid it, but walking away from the range. What needs tweaking its the fluidity between attacks and blocks, because sometimes it doesnt sync.

With swimming I agree that you could rest, but I see why FC did this, so people can’t just flee to the water in a chase situation, get out and still run like hell, if people go to water they will get tired and thats good. This way turns pvp more fair.

Now climbing, no, you rest at the spots you find while climbing, like in RL, you can’t just climb straight up then stop, rest, then continue, it doesnt work like this, your arms can’t rest if they’re holding your body. Climbing is easy enough even with 10 grit and no climbing gear.

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I stopped reading after number 10. I don’t agree with any of these “bugs”.
You can cook feral flesh with no problems. I never had problems with swimming. No we should not recieve bones everytime, some items are rarer then others. Cooking play button is L2 and works fine.
Sorry I don’t agree and I think we got much worse bugs going on.