Lotus potions and skills

I’m really a little confused about the skills of this game, I’ll give an example: I need minerals, I put my points in Grit and I arrive at my destination, I use a lotus potion, I put all my points in Encubrance, I arrive at my destination and I use another lotus potion. I see an enemy at a distance, I use my skill points and I put them in Accuracy, I run out of arrows so I take a lotus potion and put my points in Strength to finish off my enemy, I use a lotus potion and use my points to I can loot the enemy and bring more material to my house, I use a lotus potion again to increase my capacity… basically the mechanics of the game is to take lotus potions all the time? Another example I make a heavy armor, put points to be able to have more capacity, I have a good armor but little Agility, little Strength and little Vitality, I use a lotus potion again to balance my points and I realize that my level 60 character is as useless as a baby turtle… am I wrong or the game is based on taking lotus potions all the time? I know I can play solo with mods and increase my points but I paid for the game to play online, if I knew that it was so I would not have paid for it and unfortunately I can’t return it, please explain to me how to have a skill tree decent without needing to use millions of lotus potions a day I’m one step away from uninstalling the game, thank you :persevere:

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No, that’s how you choose to play. I’ve taken maybe two lotus potions in the 5 to 6 weeks I’ve played.

You don’t have enough points to be great at everything, correct. But that’s a preference of play style you have, you can be generally effective in all aspects of the game without retuning yourself all the time.

I tend to run vitality up to get the regen, encumbrance up to get pack mule, survival high enough for faster harvesting and the rest is dumped in strength

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Patience! That is the simple answer.

Take smaller and more trips. There is no need to max encumberance, then strength, etc. You will spend more time hunting for yellow lotus and respecting stats and feats than you save by min/maxing as you describe.

I get using a little yellow lotus potion… Relocating and need to max carry to a new base, good idea. One potion before the move, one after. Fight a boss… Maybe respec for combat amd back to a neutral state after. But such addiction to yellow potions… Man… You may need to seek rehab.


Your answer was good until the end, I have nothing to tell you… you really are pathetic

Everything is up to you. 50 enumb build is good for farming (allows you to carry as much stone or iron ore as you like). But you also can decide you don’t need to carry 5k stone and you are fine with 20 enc (1k stone).

Definitely your playstyle. I only respecced maybe 4 times, maybe 5. Whenever I upgraded my armor, or got a tatoo, essentially, to try and get the most out of the bonus points.

With Silent Legion you can have so much points you will be able to do everything quite well with one build. No need for extreme min/maxing, or having to almost max encumbrance just to carry enough lotus potions around. And basically I just prefer myself to swap pieces of gear - epic light isn’t that heavy and provides a nice boost to encumbrance.

It’s still possible to go down the lotus potions road, but indeed, it’s guaranteed to be more of a chore than anything remotely fun…

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Nothing wrong with the system. I have balanced setup. Thats the way its ment to be.

Hello Nake,

you are right. FunCom politics in this “survival” game is that they do not like to limit players nor force them to face their decisions so we have yellow lotus potion and everyone can be anything at any time = survival game essence …“POOF” gone…

Dont listen to this semi players with their statement “it is up to you how you choose to play the game…”… It is like: “Oh i found this 20 Euros, on the ground, in the forest… no one is here around… NAH… I better leave it as it is… I do not need it…”

It is CRAP mechanic…

But now back to your Question

please explain to me how to have a skill tree decent without needing to use millions of lotus potions a day

Right now it is that if you choose to be a fighter, you are low at encumb = not good for farming. If you choose Farming build you are bad in combat. Best Option for you would be to balance it out by aiming for several 3. perks. Go for 30 encumb, 30 vit, 30 str. you will have some more point you can put to other stats as well. Also choose correct armor.
This is medium armor with Str bonus - https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Kambujan_Shaman_Chestpiece.

Use Elixir https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Elixir_of_Numbing this one is super cheap

and try to farm up this sword and shield: https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/The_Wightblade and https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Black_Bruargh's_Fury

I would recommend you to get this items (armor and Elixir at least) and then build your stats around it after you use it/equip it, so you will hit all those perks you need and safe yout point for another stats

You will have lot of “free” stats to help you boost your build and seva you some points for other stats. You can carry decent amount of materials while you can enjoy benefits of medium armor and increased damage from your 30-40 strength. Vitality will grant you passive regeneration and enough HP. This is not great build for specific situations as you described above, but it should work just fine for you.

I could help you with more advanced build with more mixed up armor types an pieces. But this should be cheap if we remove legendary items from equation.

but again… YELLOW LOTUS POTION and current game mechanics build around it are stupid as F**K


Honestly every trip to the official forums is beyond surreal. Even when the posts are in perfectly understandable english I still feel like Im in a dream and my subconscious is struggling to figure it out.

You dont need to max out your grit to walk over to a resource node, you dont need to max encumberance to carry the resources in a single node, you dont need to max your accuracy to shoot at an enemy on the way home and you dont need to respec into strength/vitality to “finish it off”. Frankly, that you even decided this was what needed to be done makes me think you need to seek help of the mental variety.

The entire point of an attribute system is that you have to spend your points wisely, only spend as many points as you need. If you’re going on a resource gathering run, you have to sacrifice damage and survivability, that’s how it works. Really, you only need about 10 points in strength to handle just about any enemy in the game beyond boss mobs so long as your gear is decent and there’s no need to respec into accuracy just to miss every arrow and reengage in melee unless you’re doing a legolas roleplay. 10 Points in agility for the sprint buff is usually enough for most travels too, really.

tl;dr - Stop being dumb, my dude.


My current stat build and armor/warpaint choices allow me to harvest 15K stone and 5K Ironstone on my harvesting run, go back to base, unload, change armor, and do a boss run. I think I have taken 4 lotus potions, and one of those was due to me being a noob and dumping points into accuracy, while another was due to me accidentally hitting a button too many times.

Thanks you all for your useful information :smiley:

Wow. That’s a lot. Which stats, potions, war paints and stats do you have/use?

I will check it out when I get home later this evening and let you know. One thing I do know, is that the limit is how many stacks I can carry. I cannot have anything in my inventory while I am farming except for stone and ironstone to reach those numbers. Also, the tools in my Wheel UI don’t seem to count toward the stack limit.

Lotus potion overdose, someone call a doctor!

I think your use of lotus potions is excessive and unnecessary. Personally, I certainly do not respec for every single tiny aspect of the game, gathering expedition, or enemy fought. But, I get what your basic point is, it is too easy to restat w/out repercussion. Perhaps they should add a cooldown period or a slight poison effect or other debuff that lasts for a reasonable amount of time to discourage lotus potion overdose.

And as to your other question – At lvl 60, I generally max out encumberance, relying on the +3 encumberance boost from the silent legion boots, get the T3 vitality perk, and split the rest between grit and strength (iirc – T2 perk in grit, and T1 perk in strength)

Warpaint - Support
Strength - 23
Agility - 10
Vitality - 20
Grit - 10
Encumbrance - 35
Survival - 30

I wear flawless light armor and a bearer backpack which maxes out encumbrance and I keep the survival stat at 30 because I get a ton more resources over all with that perk.

Thanks for the reply. This is a nice solution for harvesting runs.

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