Love the Game Hate this Pet thing

On our Server we have killed off over 30 baby animals so far and it ■■■■■■■ us off. We have followed the Official Conan Exile Wikki Guild, we have searched other forums and posting on other sites and yet every baby we have place in the proper pen with the proper food is dead within 10 to 15 minutes of placing it. There are 5 of us trying to figure this out and none of us have had success with getting a pet.

So as far as we are concern, the system is broken and needs to be fixed. When you follow posted guidelines and it still does not work something is wrong.

We so far have tried the following; Wolfs, all the big cats, Bear, and Rhino.

We have all three level pens made and are placing them in there according to the forum.
So if anyone has a suggestion on how to fix this so we stop killing off baby animals we would like to know.

Any mods? Just asking because there has been some issues with some mods, though this seems rather hit and miss.

That’s really odd, is probably one of the few things that work like a charm for me.
Already grew all possible animals without losing a single one and with few of them turning great specimens (included a lovely Greater Sabretooth).
Silly question, just to understand at which point you guys lose the animals:
After you placed the juveniles in the pen and placed the right food, do you see them in the bottom-right que ? and the que indicator on the animal icon advances ?

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These are the modes we are using;
Less building placement

LitMan Level Seventy Eight

LitMan Loot Legendary Chest

Immerse RP and Building Décor =


Stacks, Weight and more (FullReleaseReady)


Yes the que indicators starts to advance, we will see a bit of white, it gets about 1/8 of the way and then the pet dies.

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Immerse has several issues right now. Just an fyi. That’s the only thing that jumps out at me.

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The Pets system DOES have bugs, and some serious ones at that, but I can’t recognize what you’re describing. That is, pets DO die while taming (food is there) even on official servers, but for me it has happened once in twenty tames, give or take. The rest grew up (though they will continue to randomly die).

Post this in bugs forum with more info… pet system works just fine on our server.

Hey there! :slight_smile:

As suggested by Multigun, it might be that one of the mods you’re using are causing some compatibility issues. The first thing I’d recommend trying would be to disable all the mods you guys are using and see if that works.

Hey all thanks for the information from all of you. We are checking the mods and see if this is the issue, if not I’ll forward this to the Bug section. If it is one or more of the mods, then I will notify the mod maker and let them know the issue.

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Immerse got updated last night, so my post about it having issues will have now hopefully have been resolved on their end.

If this is a private server and it’s server wide, set the tame multiplier to 0 in server settings. It’s not an ideal solution and instant tame time might not be what you are looking for but if the only other option is 100% pet death, it will work until a better solution is found.

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