Love the new Vanity mirror, but why not give it a thrall slot

I love the new Vanity mirror and the new beard/hair styles, it adds so much QOL :star_struck:
I know this sound a bit demanding, but it would be a huge step up if it had a thrall slot so that you could alter the look of a thrall whether it be a worker or placable thrall, I know that placable thralls cannot be picked up once they are placed, but at least we would be able to change their looks at least once :kissing_heart:




I love Fashionist and Emberlight’s Vanity Table for Thralls. My crafters do not look like crowd of rabble in a chic interior - please let the other players on unmodded servers and consoles have the same great functionality as well :wink:


Mine always has big boobs and elf red eyes + tattos of dragon :smiley:

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