LOVIN' the new doors and hatch!

Credit when credit is due!
the last patch and the content that brought was a very good one.
that it also included goodies that was not in the patch notes is no drawback…

of course there where some bugs here and there also, but nothing near what we have seen in the past…



on ps4

  1. would have been nice inlusion in the patch notes.
  2. we have two new hatch icons but they both make the same hatch.

and ofcourse the bugs they added with the stuff they changed that was also not mentioned in the patchnotes and ofcourse all the stuff disappearing. yeah great work…

nothing disapeard this time… IF however you are playing with MODS, and log into your game before the modcreators are able to update their mods, well, then you will lose s***… over and over a nd over, until you learn

Official server. This game without mods is bugfest. With mods its not but every patch you are screwed. So I play on official. Then they patch and add more bugs then they solve. Ypu just got lucky this time that you are unaffected. But you’ll learn soon enough its just a matter of time

Hmm, what are the new doors/hatch? Also, have you found anything else not in patch notes?

Yes and yes, if you are talking about the frontier DLC.
But the 2 doors I was refering to here came free with the latest patch.

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