Loving This Game

My daughter recently introduced me to this game. I have been playing games for 40 years. The thing I enjoy the most in a game is building. I love to farm for stuff to build. I have thoroughly enjoyed the aspects of finding recipes for items. I love killing mobs and finding housing items. The variety of free housing items and the quality of the DLC content are delightful. The amount of interactive items is amazing. I love how incredibly immersive this world is. Your art team is amazing. No clue how I have never played this before. Even your patch notes are easy to understand, and very well put together. Bravo dev team even you hidden back end engineers


Welcome exile @Kitasia, really happy to have you with us :grin:.

My very first console game was Atari, 1985, but i remember following my father to his billiard clubs, just because it had arcade games with coins…
What a beautiful memory!
Welcome again :+1:t6:


Welcome @Kitasia!
For me, joining these forums is a great start for you already. I have learned SO much here and met some GREAT players.
I am glad your daughter introduced you to this game.
Many of us have been playing it for quite some time and still learn new things and get amazed for some others.

Good hunting!


I love your comment! I feel the same like you. And even after years it is an awesome feeling to find something new i didnt know before.


Still learning fellow exile, still learning :+1:t6:


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