Low FPS despite strong PC


The game relies on CPU single core performance indeed, but, for those situations where fps drop a lot, like in the Feast of Solstice area around the big fire, what you can do to get fps back is to turn off Vicinity NPC Names, or limit particles to Myself (raids, PvP). The same thing that happens at Feast of Solstice happens at Ethram Fal in T6 after 25%.

When I disabled NPC names at FoS, by that big fire, I went from 25 fps to 120. That’s how bad the font over NPC’s or players is for fps, and particles too, if there are too many on the screen. Another example is sieges, where, if you leave only player healthbars on (they don’t affect fps at all), with names, details and levels off, and limit particles to myself, you get much better fps. But this applies to PvE raids too, even RF. Try it and see for yourself. It’s impossible to play with the screen crowded with NPC’s or players in a fight with even 60 fps.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that disabling Shadows also gives an fps boost.


“16 gig ram was released 5 years ago” made my day hahah


Yeah once you have settled on your hardware those are the last things you can do to squeeze more performance out of this game - nameplates & particles.

Pretty much none of the other settings have ANY impact on performance with gaming machines released in the last few years.

Another thing I can recommend is a VRR display (Freesync or G-Sync) because your framerate is always going to vary a lot in AoC (as in most MMOs tbh) - and this tech lets you get the best out of it at any time. It enhances the experience a lot.


I have a G-Sync monitor and never tried it on AoC because I always crashed in Fullscreen, but then a couple of people told me they played in Fullscreen these days, so I decided to give it a shot. Strangely, gsync only works on dx10, not dx9, and I can play just fine without crashes, unless I alt-tab while zoning, but I’ve already learnt to avoid that - wait until you’ve already zoned before alt-tabbing. But then I can alt-tab without issues at the login screen or character selection (or relogging).

But, yes, gsync is great and I can’t play without it anymore. Now that NVIDIA drivers support FreeSync depending on the monitor, a lot more people can try it out, which is great.

Back on topic, the only thing that will improve your framerate in this game, in terms of hardware, is having an Intel CPU with high frequency. When I bought the i7 6700k a few years ago I noticed the biggest improvement, past 4 GHz. If you can overclock it, even better, but of course that’s not an easy thing to do and it can be dangerous.


Ok, this is something interesting. How do I turn this off? I literally have almost same fps you mentioned and I have all names on. Hopefully this boosts my fps to at least 60 so that the fking stuttering in northern grasslands (even thought it’s not that big) can finally end!


Interface options - Nametags - Show Vicinity NPC Names/Details/Levels. Turning these off helps when there are precisely a lot of these names on screen (a lot of NPC’s). The same goes for Show Vicinity Players Names/Details/Levels. If you turn these off in raids or big pvp battles, it definitely helps.


Ah, thanks for info. I presume changing this won’t affect like NG fps? Or does it affect fps everywhere?


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Ask sunstart how to help you, she is a real “professional”.


Are you looking at the floor while taking this screenshot ?
It would help if you gave us a little more context, like what settings, what your screen is capturing etc?.

Because the way I see it I can get 100+ FPS as well looking at a wall :stuck_out_tongue:


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Let me give it to you straight. AoC is a horribly optimized game and you won’t get amazing performance no matter your rig. The guy with 260 fps is probably in a single player instance like the armory while also looking straight into a wall so it’s worthless measurement.

Now what you can do is overclock your CPU to 4GHz (Ryzen 2700x has a turbo mode at 4.3), don’t forget to run AoC in admin mode to enable large page size support. Now as for ingame settings, the ones that affect your performance the most are nametags (so just disable all the nametags you don’t need), particles and to certain degree view distance.


Im glad he didnt follow most of your advices, especially the part about memory. That showed you lack filter of avoiding topics ure not educated in, even in the least.


He was probably in Yakhmar’s Cave entrance.


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Ask sunstart how to help you, she is a real “professional”.


To be honest, I don’t think he’s going to lose his sleep about that… :grin:


I think we can end the topic there. So we have gathered the following:

  • AOC has terrible optimization
  • Use a high single core performance CPU (like Intel)
  • Turn off name tags and details/levels
  • Run the game in admin mode

Oh and ISawTheDevil likes to boast his “insane” FPS while looking at the wall :P. Also I already told you what settings I am running. I said 1440p and most settings to high/max. So not sure where you get the idea from I am unwilling to share my settings lol.

Thanks everyone else for the input!


You can easily fix low FPS setting 1280x720 resolution, from now you can play on ultra settings with particles on. No need to be grateful.


Lmao I even tried putting it to 1080 and it looked god awful on my 1440 monitor


I know :joy:i tried it once too. But as people said AoC is just bad optimised so there isnt much you can do.


Resolution doesn’t really matter. I went back to 1080p for a while to try out a 240Hz monitor, and I noticed maybe 20 more fps in the highest fps situations. Back at 1440p now, I really don’t think there’s a big difference in the resolution. It’s just the bad optimization and the fact that 3d font over npc’s and players and particles are the only thing that make fps drop a lot. That is, as long as you have a decent rig, even from 5 years ago. Oh, and healthbars do not affect fps at all. It’s names, details and levels (font).