Low Fps No matter What On Great PC

I just got the game from epic games and downloaded it.
I have a pretty good Pc with a gtx 1070ti Ryzen 5 2600x and 16gbs of ram.
I barely get 5 fps in the menus.
I was wondering if I have done something wrong.
I verified the game, Lowered all my settings, including the resolution to 720p. no change in Fps, I Have tried a lot to fix it. like reinstalling the game and directX still no change.
With all else failing I’ve gone to google to no avail. came across this page with hopes to fix this issue.

Have you checked your nVidia control panel settings to make sure that they don’t override game settings?

Hello @Sen, welcome to the community!

The team is looking into performance issues that seem to be AMD specific which might be related to the low performance you’re reporting.

Have you tried setting your game to Fullscreen, in the eventuality that it’s Windowed?

Does the issue only occur in the menus?

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