Low fps on modded servers with little gpu usage

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When playing on a modded server for what ever reason my fps is terrible not because my gpu is hot or running hard its sitting around 40c this makes no sense when running on a good server with plenty of ram. Does anyone have a solution to this or is funcom aware and are going to fix it in the future. its seriously annoying to randomly lose frames for no reason besides the game is broke and doesnt get fixed

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  1. Is conan installed on a HDD or SSD?
  2. if hdd, is it defragged?
  3. what mods? what’s the modlist like?
    there are heavy mods, and light mods. heavy ones are big fatties, like big buildings/decorations sets.
  4. are there big buildings? lots of thralls around?
    these cause loading lag (which is where the SSD comes in, to help that somewhat)

all this being said, though, the asset loading in this game has issues, i think, causing a lot of performance problems. But even if funcom optimizes their own assets, adding mods on top of it makes it a whole new ball game. Some modders optimize better than the game devs; others, not so much. It varies widely.

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