Lower levels no fun

It seems like the game was re-made to challenge level 60 players. This is okay in level 60 areas of course, but as a level 25-30 in the desert areas any one skull will slaughter you easily and your pets twice as fast.

Pets are your likely first companions and they die like flies now. Really, no point in having them until you have 10 points in authority, but as a low level character you won’t have that, you’ll have pets that take 10 hours to train and 10 minutes to die. I was fortunate to get a Greater Bear, but the first one skull rocknose killed him and me easily with that now incessant AoE rock spray. Could my Greater Bear have something like that? An AoE heavy attack that causes heavy bleeds and recharges in 30 seconds? Of course not, it is a ridiculously OP attack.

Anyway, you at least better fix pets if you expect players to enjoy having them. And the early level game is terrible now.


Early level characters are not supposed to be able to beat high-level content.

That said, I do agree that followers are now inconveniently vulnerable without a maxed Authority stat. I understand that the new stat needs to feel useful to justify leveling it, but the flip side is that it severely limits the use of followers for players who don’t have a high Authority. Even fully-kitted and leveled thralls are now mortal against bosses, even with Authority 20, so lower grade followers will need a lot of baby-sitting or they just die accidentally.

Oof, yeah I don’t think I’d want to level a mid-tier follower at low level. Even at max authority and using epic armor, they can get themselves killed if you’re not paying attention.

What bothers me most ist that this game had so many good lowlevel named and unnamed thralls which did decent damage and where perfect for the start and this thralls are completly useless now. Even with high authority they die like flies.

I don´t think that it should be that way. Thralls should be worth the effort you put into them. Even lowlevel thralls should be usable. Infact all thralls should be worth something. Thats why they exist in the first place. To help you fight, to defend your base, to bring your base to life. Not to turn you into a babysitter of them. I am fine with cutting down the damage a thrall does to other players. But other then that thralls where totally fine. No reason to mess them up like that.

I am not fond of a lot of stuff that came with the update, the whole skillsystem actually is a big pile of bs. But what they did to the thralls is embarassing and outrageous. The skillsystem was fine before. The thralls where fine before. Why do they change a system that worked well for most people. Like I said, cut the thrall damage done to players, cut the hp of thralls that had too much, so it equals out a bit more and you are good to go. Whoever came up with the new skill and thrall system should be stoned and quartered.

I think one problem is that those low-level named Exile and Black Hand characters etc. are balanced to be useable against lower-level challenges. The problem is, though, that by the time you can capture and tame them, you’ve leveled beyond the noob areas and want to proceed towards higher-challenge areas.

In other words, the player outgrows the noob area before they have a chance to properly explore and enjoy it.

On the most part, leveling is much easier than in the past. So being below 50 (or even 60) will not last too long compared to the days before Isle of Siptah release.

So in some sense having too many areas for lower levels kinds makes the map less challenging for high level or experienced players.

No easy solution to keep all happy though. The map is only a certain size due to limitations of UE4.

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