Loyalty and high level of support (no)

Hi all.

It so happened that our clan was given a ban. When I contacted support I found out that we had blocked something. We were quite surprised by this fact, as we have always been polite players, and on the contrary fought with those who blocked the passages and other interesting things on the map. I asked support to clarify exactly where we blocked something (I did not ask to name the person who complained), but they told me - do not worry, we checked everything.
I asked, but how can I be sure I won’t block something again if you don’t tell me exactly what and where I blocked? I decided not to answer this question politely. That’s not what I expected from support.

Well and a little bit about loyalty: we built our city for 2 years and cherished it. If an administrator came to us and said “Guys, you blocked here, delete it” - we would immediately do it. But they decided to immediately issue a ban for 7 days, and then told me to come back. :))
Sorry, but after 1427 hours of playing I have nowhere to go back).

Unfortunately not. May be spawn of some creatures…
Our base was here, way was always open.

Me too.
If they had asked to be released - we did, it’s not a problem.

I also received a ban for what I have no idea, official server 1018 pve, I have never built anywhere dodgy or committed any infraction on any video game ever let alone Conan.
I wasn’t playing that much on it lately but popping on from time to time to refresh, I sent a message 5 days ago to ask for clarification why this had happened, I have received zero response, not even an acknowledgement or a ‘passed it on’.

Tons of people have blocked Legendary boss creature spawns, I’ve never heard of anyone getting a ban for it. :face_with_monocle:


Hello everyone,

If you would like to know more about a suspension or ban that you currently have on your account, please feel free to reach out to us via Zendesk